Please note that we are closed on the 24th of May for our whole corporate staff and partner event to celebrate the 40th year anniversary of Henningsen.

In the production facility in Waalwijk, the Netherlands, we do have 2 separate production lines specially designed for manufacturing dehydrated meat products.

To be able to dry the frozen meat, which we use as raw material, it is necessary to cook it first.

The outline of our factory prevents any contact with the raw uncooked meat after the cooking stage. This is done by a special zoning system. This system does not only segregate the raw from the cooked meat but also split up the areas where is worked with cooked “wet “meat and cooked "dry"meat. This allows us the offer you the most safe and high quality dehydrated meat products.

On the 2 different production lines the following products are made:

  • Spray dry line: Very fine powders
  • Air dry line: Granules, with 3,5,6,8 and 12 mm diameter, and coarse milled powders