Maastricht to host World Meat Congress 2023

October 2023

The International Meat Secretariat (IMS) and the Dutch Meat Industry Association (COV) are pleased to announce that from 11 to 13 October 2023, the World Meat Congress 2023 will be held in Maastricht, the Netherlands.

It is expected that hundreds of people working in the meat industry and adjacent lines of business will attend. On the agenda are current global challenges for the industry, such as the role of meat in the global climate ambitions, society’s expectations on animal welfare, the labour market, alternatives for meat such as cultivated meat and the impact of (geo)political developments on meat trade and production.

Laurens Hoedemaker, President of COV: “The world is on the verge of several major changes and transitions. Social and environmental developments lead to a critical view on the production of meat and meat products. At the same time the sector - helped by technological innovation - is making big strides towards more sustainable production. The central theme of the congress is therefore Meeting Society & Consumer”.

How does the international meat industry deal with all these challenges? Top speakers from the academic world, international organizations and representatives of the meat value chain will address these questions at the upcoming World Meat Congress which will be held from 11 to 13 October 2023 at the MECC in Maastricht, the Netherlands.

This makes the congress also vastly attractive for stakeholders not directly working in the international meat business, such as representatives of government, trade organizations, retailers and NGOs.

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Henningsen Nederland BV chooses for local solar energy electricity


What does "Green Deal" mean?
Circular economy, climate adaptation and large-scale energy generation are the core values of the Green deal. In this way, we contribute to making the company more sustainable, and we work proactively together on a sustainable future.

Henningsen Nederland BV will gradually switch to local green electricity. Per 01-01-2024, all the power needed for our entire plant in Waalwijk is from 100% regionally certified sustainable energy. For this we work together with “Groen op Maat” via Solar Valley in Waalwijk.

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In recent years there has been an increasing demand for Halal products. To meet this demand, Henningsen Nederland has a nice range of products that are Halal certified.

Halal Quality Control:

Halal Quality Control was founded in 1983 and has been involved in the Halal certification of products ever since. In 1980 meat was especially an important product and in the meantime it is a requirement to obtain a Halal certificate when exporting to a number of countries such as: Indonesia, Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates and more.

Halal Quality Control is therefore also affiliated with governments and is recognized for this. Thanks to years of experience in both the Dutch and International markets, they have expertise in many areas from food to pharma. With the aim of guiding companies properly with their certification and working together as a reliable partner. Halal Quality Control now has 8 offices throughout Europe. They specialize in sectors such as: meat, dairy, flavors, food ingredients and more.

In addition to being an accredited agency, Halal Quality Control is also the regional president of the World Halal Food Council (WHFC) in Europe. WHFC is an umbrella organization with more than 55 Halal agencies worldwide. This organization was founded in 1999 and with the intention of creating unity and safeguarding the interests of Muslim consumers.